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Galveston Island is the Premier destination on the Texas Gulf Coast.  With over 6 million visitors each year, Galveston is the go-to city along the Texas Gulf coast, Houstonians flock to the island on the weekends all year long.   With a new cruise port, this only makes Galveston more desirable, heck sometimes I think my dad only comes to visit for an excuse to hope on a cruise ship for the week!  The travel and tourism industry is a large employer of Galveston apartment residents.

Galveston Apartment dwellers also opt to work in the BOOMING food services industry, Galveston is home to hundreds of restaurants and fast food establishments, from the local McDonalds to the Award Winning Steakhouse.  The largest restaurant employer on the island is Laundry's Restaurants and Fertitta Hospitality, which both have the same owner.

Galveston apartments are also filled individuals working in the UTMB medical center, at the UTMB medical school. 

Galveston is where many opt to seek higher education at colleges and universities like Galveston College, Texas A&M Galveston, and UTMB medical school.  Every year students flock by the thousand to these establishments most of these students looking for Texas A&M Galveston Apartments, or Galveston Apartments near UTMB.  We specialize in helping Galveston students find housing, be it a Galveston Apartment or a Galveston Home for Rent.  Many students want housing within 15 minutes of their schools, that nearly encompasses every apartment that we list on this website.  For example the Galveston apartment furthest from UTMB is the Club of the Isle, which is 8 miles away, but since we live on an island, that 8 miles will take nearly 20 minutes to drive.

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