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Most Galveston Apartments do not offer efficiency apartment units.  Efficiency apartments are also called studio apartments, they do not contain a bedroom, so these are 0 BR units.  They are typically an open floor plan and have less square feet then their one bedroom counterparts.  The idea is to provide people with a small, energy efficient place to live.  Galveston Efficiency apartments typically rent for less as they are smaller units, and they also cost less to heat & cool.

We only list 6 Galveston apartments that offer efficiency units, some of these have a wait list, some are booked and some are available, so please consider contacting us if you are interested in a Galveston efficiency apartment.

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Contact us PRIOR to visiting or calling a Galveston apartment about Efficiency units!  We need to notify them that you are working with us PRIOR to you making contact with them.  We do offer lease rebates of up to $300 as a thank you for choosing to use us as your Galveston Apartment referral source.

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