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Galveston Texas may be an island sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, but that does not mean that it has to lack any of the traditional conveniences.  Galveston TX is home to some large national retailers.  We will provide a short list below.

Galveston Grocery Stores:  Wal-Mart, Randall's, Kroger, and even a Whole Foods is coming soon.

Large Retailers:  Galveston Target, Specs, Academy Sports, Galveston Palais Royal, Galveston Home Depot,

Small Retailers:  Pier One, Galveston Game Stop, Tuesday Morning,

Fast Food Chain Restaurants:  Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, Subway, Quiznos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos,

Fishing:  Galveston Fishing Pier 90th Street, Galveston Fishing Pier 61st St, Seawolf Park,

Island Famous Eating Spots:  Jimmy's on the Pier, The Spot,


Breakfast on Galveston Island.

Galveston Subway:  We stop by the subway at 4908 Seawall, for a $5 breakfast foot long which me an my husband split, then we head over to the newly re-built Fort Crockett Park on the Seawall (4450 Seawall) and relax with a light and delicious breakfast at one of the many sitting areas.  Mornings are usually calm, sunny and beautiful at this location, with great views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Jimmy's On The Pier:  We love Jimmy's any time of day, but it is by far the best place to watch the sunrise with some fantastic food and drinks.  As one would expect from the name, Jimmy's is located on a fishing pier, the restaurant is located on the second level, which makes the views even more breath taking.  We can see it all, the dolphins playing, the pelicans diving, the horizon over the Gulf of Mexico

Lunch on Galveston Island.

Healthy Chinese Buffet:  We are not sure what's healthy about the place, but the food is incredible.  We love getting it to-go for lunch, for around $8 we fill up one to-go container with everything EXCEPT rice (leaves more room for the good stuff) and take it home, we cook some Jasmine rice to perfection and we have a delicious meal for two, with not much effort for around $9.

McAlister's Deli on the SEAWALL:  We love this place during the week, it gets pretty busy on the weekends.  We love pretty much everything that they offer, the only place we break from the menu is that we prefer to add some lemonade to their famous ice tea.  Any sandwich, the soups are a MUST, some Jalapeno chips, and an Arnold Palmer (Tea/Lemonade).  We typically sit at one of the GULF view window seats OR on the Patio to enjoy the sun and Gulf Breeze. 

Dinner on Galveston Island

Fisherman's Warf

The Spot

Taco Cabana



You will find that Galveston Apartments offer their residents all of the luxuries, amenities, and features that you would find in an apartment community found in a big city like Houston.  On Galveston Island you will find that apartment rentals more resemble resorts then they do apartment complexes, many have multiple pools, tennis courts, gardens, walking paths, grilling areas, hot-tubs, saunas, and much, much more.  We coined the phrase "Resort Living at Apartment Prices" for one of our marketing campaigns for a local Galveston Seawall Apartment.

Galveston Apartments for rent can be found in every corner of Galveston, our website only lists the largest communities which totals about 40 apartments for rent in Galveston.  There are likely hundreds more of smaller units consisting of 16 units or less.  Some of these units can be found on the MLS, some on websites like Craigslist.  Your best bet for navigating your options is to "hire us at not cost" to find you the perfect place to live on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Remember our services are FREE to our Clients, and are paid for by the property manager at NO cost to you!

We will soon be adding many more useful pages to this website to help you navigate your options for Galveston apartments, jobs and entertainment.  Our goal is simply to be a valuable resource for our website visitors.  Please bookmark this website and check back with us often as we are updating our content daily.

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