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Galveston offers 5 apartments that includes all utilities in the rent payment.  There are a few others that may also offer flat fee rent increases which would then include utilities, we will be adding this information to the website as we obtain it. 

Bill Paid is a nice deal because you are free to use your utilities without worry of giant bills at the end of the month, it presents renters with a piece of mind, knowing that they will only owe the rent amount at the end of each month.  Warm up your Galveston Apartment in the winter, Heat up your Galveston apartment in the summer, no sweating or freezing just to save a few bucks at the end of the month.

Some people think that they can beat the difference between the bills paid apartments and the paid bills apartments, and this may be true, but it may not be worth the effort for just a few dollars difference. 

FEATURED Example:  The Seasons apartment offers the lowest 1BR All Bills Paid with 1BR apartments starting at $750 per month... no electric bill, no water bill, no trash bill, no gas bill... Plus the Seasons is located on the SEAWALL at 81st.  3 pools, 2 tennis courts, gardens, waterfalls, walkways... ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GULF OF MEXICO.  If you are interested in renting at the SEASON APT contact us TODAY!

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