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Please consider using the form below if you have already signed a lease with a Galveston Apartment in which we are the referral source.  Most apartments do work with apartment locators, and should allow us to be the referral source so long as you notified the manager that your working with an apartment locator; and wrote our name "Debora Aguirre, Allison James of Texas" on both the guest card and on the lease application.  The reason you need to notify us that you signed a lease is because some Galveston apartments will not automatically send us our referral fee, most of the time we need to remind them to send us a check; from which your rebate is derived.  We make the Galveston apartment rebate process as painless as we possibly can.  We would like to thank you again for choosing to work with us.  We hope that 2014 is your best year yet! 
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 Yes, I wrote my referral agents name on the guest card (Debora Aguirre, Allison James of Texas) 
 Yes, I wrote my referral agents name in the referral section on the lease application. 

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